Cat Among the Pigeons

Agatha Christie's Cat Among the Pigeons was first published in 1959 and centres on an exclusive girls' boarding school in England - Meadowbank. Image taken from sales page under the rules of fair use. To purchase this book click here The story begins with a revolution in the Middle East where Prince Ali Yusef … Continue reading Cat Among the Pigeons

The Talent Show

Here is my short story - written for the 2017 Berlin Writing Prize - the theme, Home is Elsewhere: THE TALENT SHOW It's all a cosmic joke. It must be. There's no other explanation for it. We were the only ones to make it out. The only ship to escape 'The Blackening' and yet we … Continue reading The Talent Show

A Few Things I Wish I’d Thought of Along the Way

My debut novel, 'Underneath the Killing Tree', has been on sale for a little under three months. Ever since it hit the shelves at the end of May there has been a whirlwind of activity and I haven't had much time to breathe, let alone do much else other than focus on my book. I … Continue reading A Few Things I Wish I’d Thought of Along the Way

Elephants Can Remember

Agatha Christie is one of the most well-known authors ever to have graced us with their talents. Her catalogue is one which I could only ever envy and her contribution to the murder mystery genre is second to none. Red-herrings, intricate plots, wonderful characters; her stories have perplexed and entertained us over the years. With … Continue reading Elephants Can Remember

The People of India – A Photo Essay

My three month trip to India was certainly a life changing experience. Besides the fact that it was the place where I met my wife and was the catalyst for my move from Australia to Berlin - there were also so many interesting people that I met and I was able to learn so much … Continue reading The People of India – A Photo Essay

DAY 10 – The Faceless Few

The Faceless Few Our world has been ruled for generations by the faceless few. Men who believe that they are genetically superior and fundamentally more intelligent than the rest of us. They believe that they are the shepherds of humanity and that without their leadership all would be lost. What they don’t understand is that … Continue reading DAY 10 – The Faceless Few

DAY 9 – Ruminations with a Seal

Ruminations with a Seal The kestrel sat on the wire stalking its prey. Its grand feathers, speckled white and brown, shined upon its chest. It spread its grey wings majestically as it swooped downward into the long grass. It emerged again with a chestnut coloured field mouse dangling lifelessly from its talons – another successful … Continue reading DAY 9 – Ruminations with a Seal

DAY 8 – The Homunculus

Today I have written an experimental piece. The change in POV is supposed to depict the loss of control the main character in experiencing, over his own actions. I'm not certain it has worked - but it was worth a try for the sake of art! The Homunculus I called her name and silence was … Continue reading DAY 8 – The Homunculus

DAY 7 – The Visitor

The Visitor Morris Emerson lay his head back down against the pillow. He hadn’t thought he would return to this place so soon after all that had happened. He had said his goodbyes and then walked away without even turning back. It had felt better that way. It wasn’t really closure, but he knew it … Continue reading DAY 7 – The Visitor

DAY 6 – The White Walled Room

The White Walled Room It started out as small things really. The kinds of things that in everyday life you wouldn’t normally notice. A cup moved from its usual place; a different brand of coffee in the cupboard; her perfume bottle fuller than it had been the day before. The banality of Jen’s existence was … Continue reading DAY 6 – The White Walled Room