DAY 8 – The Homunculus

Today I have written an experimental piece. The change in POV is supposed to depict the loss of control the main character in experiencing, over his own actions. I'm not certain it has worked - but it was worth a try for the sake of art! The Homunculus I called her name and silence was … Continue reading DAY 8 – The Homunculus

DAY 7 – The Visitor

The Visitor Morris Emerson lay his head back down against the pillow. He hadn’t thought he would return to this place so soon after all that had happened. He had said his goodbyes and then walked away without even turning back. It had felt better that way. It wasn’t really closure, but he knew it … Continue reading DAY 7 – The Visitor

DAY 6 – The White Walled Room

The White Walled Room It started out as small things really. The kinds of things that in everyday life you wouldn’t normally notice. A cup moved from its usual place; a different brand of coffee in the cupboard; her perfume bottle fuller than it had been the day before. The banality of Jen’s existence was … Continue reading DAY 6 – The White Walled Room

DAY 5 – I Am Gone

I Am Gone I am drowning in a sea of yesterdays. Maybe drowning isn’t the right word – that implies a quick, all-consuming, wave sweeping through me. This is more like a slow suffocation. I have been completely aware of each and every moment lost; fallen between the cracks in the darkest recesses of my … Continue reading DAY 5 – I Am Gone

DAY 4 – Troyan and Sky

Troyan and Sky He loved Sky for all kinds of different reasons; the way she would smile when someone said her name, the way the sun shone from her hair, as if it had fused with light itself and the way that she would look at him, full of love and understanding in her eyes. … Continue reading DAY 4 – Troyan and Sky

DAY 3 – Desk Number Four

The third story in my '10 Stories in 10 Days' challenge. Check the previous two blog posts for more short stories! Desk Number Four The coffee was always strong and piping hot; she couldn’t complain. Her job was easy enough, put one form here, copy another, stamp it, staple it and send it over there. … Continue reading DAY 3 – Desk Number Four

DAY 2 – On Piccolo Row

Today I decided to write using the first-person point of view, in the present tense. I don’t usually write in the present tense and so it is an experiment in expanding my repertoire. Here is story number 2; I hope you like it: On Piccolo Row “We used to live on Piccolo Row; me and … Continue reading DAY 2 – On Piccolo Row

In Torbin’s Shadow

I woke up early this morning, eager to begin my ‘10 Stories in 10 Days’ challenge. The previous night I had set my note-pad and pen upon my bedside table ready for the morning’s free writing. I wrote for 30 minutes – after around half of that time, my forearm muscles began to ache – … Continue reading In Torbin’s Shadow

10 Stories in 10 Days

Writer’s block afflicts even the best of us and usually at the most inopportune of times. This blockage is fundamentally tied to our fears. It is not as though we awaken one morning and our literary wells have become bone dry – it is that our doubts have somehow crept up on us and have … Continue reading 10 Stories in 10 Days