My Meadow, Meine Wiese

A short poem written in English and Deutsch for a lazy Sunday morning: My meadow stretches out before me; long and beautiful and green. I am captivated by her unbounding beauty, always surprised by how she makes me feel. Whenever I cast my eyes upon her, I can't help but sink further down. My heart … Continue reading My Meadow, Meine Wiese

Modern Poetry – The Love of a Colour

The pain of it all could not even be imagined by the most empathetic onlooker. Who was the stranger who had cut me in half and abandoned me by the road? Every trace of her had been removed, every fibre, every atom and yet I could still feel her there - overshadowing every thought and … Continue reading Modern Poetry – The Love of a Colour

Sunday Poetry – A Common Thread.

A Common Thread I cover my face from the prying eyes of the many, Shades of grey colour my view of the world, Blessed with the sight of a thousand yesterdays, We see what we want, but we observe nothing.   I cover my body, fortified against the world outside, I wrap it tightly in … Continue reading Sunday Poetry – A Common Thread.