Socially Minded

Here is the first article on my new website, My aim is to destigmatize mental health issues, by starting open conversations and looking at ways we can improve the diagnosis and treatment of so-called mental disorders. Sign-up to my new website for more info.

Socially Minded

Throughout this global pandemic, we have discovered that our health is not something that we should take for granted. It is not just our physical health, but our mental health that has taken a battering over the last two years. We have become even more isolated than before and it is not so easy integrating back into a society that has been forever changed.

Coupling this with the stigma surrounding mental health issues, it is no wonder that we are having problems reconnecting with the outside world. Even in the mental health industry, there is a long history of trying to fit everyone into neat little boxes – where the so-called ‘normal’ is an unreachable fantasy. Normalcy is a fine thread that we strive to keep together in order to fit into a society that has been imposed upon us. Who here would have actually chosen to live in a…

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Burning Meadow, Brennende Wiese

Here is the long awaited sequel to My Meadow, Meine Wiese, in English and German. Safe to say, things didn't go as well as I hoped they would - and yes, it was my fault... She said what I did didn’t matter – but if it didn’t matter to her, then why has she shut … Continue reading Burning Meadow, Brennende Wiese

The Green Bottle

by Marijka Bright   A green bottle, kicked over in the rush, lay idly in the sunshine. Its contents had spilled onto the sand, grains coagulated beneath the neck of the bottle, and the moisture spread out radially from within. The sun's rays slowly began its process of evaporation and an odour of lemon and … Continue reading The Green Bottle

The Human Limitation

Lately I have given myself over to thinking that there is much more to this life than we can possibly be aware. Does it bother you that we can only perceive an infinitesimal section of the colour spectrum? We are limited by what our eyes and our brains can process. Yes, there are those who … Continue reading The Human Limitation

Three Revelations

Three things have dawned on me recently - all of them unrelated, yet each are life defining in some small way. In a world full of conflict and uncertainty, wars raging in faraway places and so many people suffering through dictatorships, or at the hands of corrupt governments or even through a genuine lack of … Continue reading Three Revelations

What is the meaning of this?

Have you ever just looked up at the sky and wondered what it all means? Why are we here? What is the plan for us? Humans are complex creatures. Our brains are wired to search for meaning in even the smallest of occurrences. It is the reason that institutions like religion exist - they are … Continue reading What is the meaning of this?