Sunday Poetry – A Common Thread.

A Common Thread

I cover my face from the prying eyes of the many,

Shades of grey colour my view of the world,

Blessed with the sight of a thousand yesterdays,

We see what we want, but we observe nothing.


I cover my body, fortified against the world outside,

I wrap it tightly in the strings which bind my heart,

Peristaltic movements, a silkworm constrained,

Reluctant to break free among the unintelligible masses.


I cover my soul, protected from the blueness of time,

Dripping ever slower, a reminder of the mortality of all things,

The brutality of time escapes no-one, bones ground into dust,

A soul unmatched, unwanted by the half of the other.


I am a woman on the precipice of something bigger than myself,

I float, unarmed and uncivilised – barbaric – through space,

I am indigenous to this planet, a passenger on this Earth,

I wonder; who is my tribe? What will be our legacy?


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