The Human Limitation

Lately I have given myself over to thinking that there is much more to this life than we can possibly be aware. Does it bother you that we can only perceive an infinitesimal section of the colour spectrum? We are limited by what our eyes and our brains can process. Yes, there are those who are smarter than others and we each have differing levels of ability given what we have, however each and every single one of us is limited by ourselves. Being human is our limitation.

Our senses can only perceive so much. So what is it that we are missing out on? What is it that our measly brains cannot even process? It is like asking a dog to recite Shakespeare – they neither have the ability or the understanding to complete the task. So how can we even imagine what this place is, what space actually is, the magnitude of it all, if we don’t have the right hardware?


Is our universe one of many? The scientists say that it is. I always liked the multiverse theory where there were an infinite number of universes where I existed and an infinite number where I didn’t and every possibility came into being – each decision tree played out in full to the end, like an infinite choose your own adventure.

The more recent theories, throw out that sentiment and instead insist that we are living in a multiverse where each different universe has differing laws of physics; up is down, left is right, matter is inverse and gravity either has a different co-efficient or it doesn’t exist at all. Either way, each universe still has physics classes – it’s just that your credits aren’t transferable!


Beyond our universe, beyond the multiverse, what do we have then? Time and space are infinite; are we a part of some cycle where everything keeps running and re-running itself until we get it right? Just like a simulation. Sometimes, I do feel as though I have been here before. Not just in a fit of Déjà vu, it is more innate than that. If Simulation Theory is correct, we are all living in a computer and we are destined to replay whatever the hell this is until the said computer is satisfied with the outcome.

Even if we are living in a simulation, many questions still remain. Who is running the simulations? Why are they running them? Where do they live – is it a universe similar to our simulated one? And if so, do they know what it is or do they spend their days postulating about it as much as we do?

Maybe they are waiting for one of us to come up with an answer for them.

Whatever the answer may be there is still the fact that maybe we don’t deserve to know. The human race has clocked over 7 billion people and although we have enough resources, over half of those people are starving and even more are living below the poverty line, while the rest of us play monopoly and try to make more money than we actually need. Maybe the answer isn’t as far away as we think, and if we could just sort out our own backyard – bring the humanity back to humankind – then the answer will present itself to us.


Regardless of whether our universe is just a speck of dust lying underneath a chest of drawers – waiting to be swept up, or whether this is it and there truly is no other reason for it than the conditions were right and everything sprang into place – or that there is some kind of God – we need to learn to be better people and try to look after each other more.


Featured photo sourced from NASA under rules of fair use.

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