Word of the Day: Perspicacity

To be completely frank, I had never known the exact meaning of the word perspicacity. I had heard it a number of times and had made an educated guess as to its meaning from the context that it had been used, however I had always been too lazy to pick up the dictionary and check for myself.

That was until now. Well here it is – the moment that you have all been waiting for – the meaning of perspicacity; that is for those of you who were not perspicacious enough to know it already.

Perspicacity refers to a person’s ability to have clarity and insight into things. Someone with a sharp intellect and an ability to understand things more deeply than others, especially upon the first viewing is an example of one who displays perspicacity.

The novel ‘Underneath the Killing Tree’ has a complex plot, with multiple timelines and a myriad of rich and deeply flawed characters. If you would like to test your own level of perspicacity it is most certainly a challenging read which will prove to yourself and others how perspicacious you are.


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