The People of India – A Photo Essay

My three month trip to India was certainly a life changing experience. Besides the fact that it was the place where I met my wife and was the catalyst for my move from Australia to Berlin – there were also so many interesting people that I met and I was able to learn so much from many of them.

It is important for writers to have a myriad of experiences to draw upon and to listen to those around us and to explore cultures which are different from our own. When writing stories, it is paramount that we have the ability to put ourselves in other people’s shoe in an authentic and empathetic way.

I have put together a collection of my favourite photos of the people who I encountered and learned from in India. I hope that some of the photos might inspire you to create your own visions and stories of India, or even to hop on a plane and visit the wonderful, mystical country for yourself.

1. The Stupas of Sanchi


2. Up and over the Five Hundred Steps of Omkareshwar


3. Waiting at the Train Station in Jalgaon


This photo was a particularly special moment for me. I called across the train lines to the two women who were sitting there, to ask permission to take their photo. They agreed and then excitedly told everyone around them. All of a sudden I had this wonderful group of people gathered together, all happy, smiling and posing for the photo.

4. The Desert Festival in Jaisalmer


5. In and around the Kerala Backwaters


6. On the Roads around India


7. The Kitchen Staff in the Train from Aurangabad to Jalgaon


8. Best Friends in Ujjain


In India, it is traditional for best friends to hold hands.

9. Shops and their Owners



10. The Performing Arts




And my most favourite of them all:



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2 thoughts on “The People of India – A Photo Essay

    1. Thanks Mark. It was definitely a worthwhile trip. I would recommend it to everyone. I was there for almost three months and I had the privilege of circumnavigating the entire country. It was wonderful to experience the different cultures and the people were all so wonderful!


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