DAY 10 – The Faceless Few

The Faceless Few

Our world has been ruled for generations by the faceless few. Men who believe that they are genetically superior and fundamentally more intelligent than the rest of us. They believe that they are the shepherds of humanity and that without their leadership all would be lost. What they don’t understand is that it is their guidance that has already lost us this precious world and set us upon a path destined for disaster.

Their intentions started out purely enough. In the late 1700s the US was in complete disarray. With the advent of independence and the writing of the constitution, came the difficulty of trying to assimilate two very different groups of people and bring them together as one nation. There were those who were ultra conservative, who had moved to America for freedom to practice their particular brands of religion and there were those free-wheeling, gun-toting rebels. It was not an easy beginning, but from these groups of people America was born and at the time true leadership was needed.

But as time has marched onward, these early leaders, who had banded together at the birth of a nation, grew into a secret society, which has since included only the most select of members. Their intentions have shifted from that of protective overlords of a directionless society, to that of greedy dictators, making decisions which are geared at infinitely lining their own coffers.

The world’s leading companies are owned by the few – with millions of subsidiaries. From this control, the faceless few encourages the hyper-capitalism, which our civilisation currently not only supports but drives. Hyper-capitalism is at the root of all of our planets current problems.

  1. Pollution – with industry running out of control, especially in countries where the carbon emissions go unchecked and dumping of by products into the water occur without a second thought. Our environment is paying the price and eventually so will we all.
  2. Mass production of unrecyclable waste – in the olden days, businesses took pride in their products. Items were built to last. For example – a washing machine would last for at least 15 to 20 years. These days companies manufacture products to last the length of the warranty. It is a part of their business strategy’s so as to be able to sell 4 or 5 washing machines to consumers over the same amount of time that they used to only be able to sell one. Mobile phones, cars, white goods all fit into this category and do not only create wastage, but also drive hyper-capitalism and hyper-consumerism.
  3. Profit for the sake of profit – if a business has a profit of 1million dollars one year, but the previous year it had a profit of 1.1million dollars – then the 1million dollar profit is seen as a failure. Share-holders panic – ‘Oh no, we only made 1 million, the market is slowing,’ and that company is seen as being in recession and everybody jumps ship. This mentality is ridiculous and it causes highly profitable companies to continue to seek cost cutting measures to increase margins and to keep pushing. When is enough, enough? Why can’t turning a profit and taking pride in your product and how you treat your employees, be enough? Profit for profit’s sake is damaging and only makes the rich richer and everyone else work their arses off for no true benefit.
  4. The skyrocketing gap between the rich and the poor – for hyper-capitalism to work, there must be a huge middle-class. It is the middle-class who provide the workers for the faceless few and who continue to consume and work and drive this ugly system. The middle-class are encouraged to work for that promotion and are given the hope that if they work hard enough and for long enough, then they will become one of the rich, one of the elite. This attitude is propagated through marketing and the media, but it doesn’t work that way. The middle-class keeps the wheel spinning that makes the rich richer and keeps the poor poorer.
  5. The poor people are there as a by-product of a system that encourages the middle-class to look upon them as lazy and responsible for their own position. A common thought pushed into the minds of the middle-class is that if they were in the same position, then they would work their way out and become successful. This is a very sad and unfortunate attitude. When you don’t have the same opportunities and role models and you have to struggle to find food to eat and clothes to wear and even a roof over your head, it isn’t so easy to just work your way out of it. And for those who live in countries where there is terrible corruption in the governments – whereby the aid money and food never trickles down to where it is needed most – it is damn nigh impossible to do anything about the situation. There are those in Africa, who make the desperate journey across the Sahara Desert and then across the Mediterranean Sea and then they are treated poorly when they arrive. Is this not an extreme effort to try and break their circumstances and rise above their situation? So, they’re lazy until they try to do something about it and then suddenly, they are dangerous when they do? It sounds to me like we have been truly brainwashed.
  6. There are so many clean fuels available to us and yet we are still using coal and oil because it benefits the faceless few and the agreements that they have had in place for generations.

These are the main problems out of the many that are caused by Hyper-capitalism which is the senseless and greedy system which keeps everybody in their place. In a world that is meant to be free, we are anything but and it is only when we can find a system which is fair for all and doesn’t look harshly upon people for situations which are out of their control (e.g. Being born in a war-torn country) that we will truly be able to reach our potential as a civilisation.

We are ruining the planet and we are powerless to stop it. Who are the faceless few who feel the need to impose their control upon the countless masses? What makes them think that their judgement is sounder than any other, considering where their leadership has gotten us? Their leadership has left us with a severely lopsided economy and society. They have continued a system that fills their pockets at the expense of everybody else. What good is all the money in the world, if the world is no longer there for you and your future generations to spend it?

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